A Move to Ecuador is Like a Life-Long Vacation

Recently, I was sitting on a terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean, while enjoying a beautiful sunset, a bottle of wine, and the company of my wife Cynthia and two friends. "Man," I said to them, "it's great to be on vacation." Everybody laughed. I knew why. It's because, as Cynthia put it, we were taking a vacation from our "vacation." Though we're all retirees living in Cuenca, Ecuador now, years ago we left behind a stressed out, overscheduled, unsatisfying world—perhaps much like yours. In that former life, we worked our tails off day after day to "enjoy" weekends jammed with chores and errands, occasionally grabbing dinner at a chain restaurant. Our few weeks of vacation never seemed long enough to truly decompress and relax.

My Friend in Ecuador Couldn’t Believe it When I Told Him This…

A friend and I were enjoying a few adult beverages together recently. He lives in Paute, a small village about a 45-minute commute from Cuenca that is growing increasingly popular with expats.During our conversation he asked me if I would ever consider moving there. I told him that I enjoy walking around the city for another reason. Being out and about keeps me connected.

Residence in Ecuador—3 Easy Options

Getting your residence in Ecuador has a number of benefits. Within 90 days of obtaining your visa, for instance, you can ship your household goods duty-free. And if you’re 65 or older, you are entitled to all sorts of special treatment—half-price bus transportation anywhere in the country, half-price tickets to movies, plus sporting and cultural events, discounted airfare, a free land-line telephone, and refund of your 12% IVA (value-added) tax.