July 2020

Belize is a top-class fishing destination for lots of reasons. The country has a long coastline, with 200 cayes offshore, plus 18 major rivers, creating a natural marine environment. Home to the world's second largest barrier reef, Belize boasts over 500 species of fish and many other types of marine wildlife.

June 2020

How about building your perfect custom home on a few acres of your own land, free from the pressures of permits and architects and construction complications? Add saving money by living off-grid and growing your own food...and you can see why my American expat friend did exactly this.

March 2020

I have been living in Belize for eight years now, in the Xaibe area about five miles west of Corozal. The property is an extraordinary 30-acre island of forest in a sea of sugar cane. One of our philosophies is to really practice "living in harmony with nature"; we can learn so much from it.

January 2020

When I have visited Guatemala and Mexico, I've been struck by how strong their national identities are. They wear with pride their national costume, dance their dances, sing their songs, and create traditional crafts. By contrast, a national identity is not obvious in Belize. Instead, Belize is a hybrid of many cultures, some retaining qualities of their origins, some happily intermingling.