Blueprint to 107 and Beyond—Your Guide to 17 Age-Defying Sanctuaries

In the 17 age-defying sanctuaries all over the world featured in this report, expats have found their healthy havens. If you’re ready to escape to a place where you’ll feel better, look younger, and live longer, read on to find out more about the healthy lifestyles other expats are enjoying overseas.

Cuenca: The Historic Colonial City That’s Ecuador’s #1 Retirement Spot

What's the true appeal of Cuenca? Why are more expats choosing Cuenca than ever before?
In this in-depth Special Report, we take a look at a very special area of Ecuador—one of the top retirement destination in the world and reveal the need-to-know details about Ecuador's most popular expat destination

Medellín: City Of The Future And The Next Great Retirement Destination

Medellín, a vibrant city of nearly four million people, stretches for 15 miles along the Aburrá Valley. It's one of the brightest cultural and financial stars in South America and known as the City of Flowers, thanks to it eternal spring-like climate. Medellín is a city also known for its music, museums, nightlife, and more. Today's Medellín is a very progressive city, setting a world standard for urban development.

Bargain Property Finds From $81,600 in the South of France

Many of the desirable "must see" destinations like Nice and Cannes are so choked with tourists, especially during the summer holidays, that it’s a nightmare for the people who live there. Don’t let this put you off. There are still bargains to be had once you know where—and how—to find them. In this report, you'll read about places where it's possible to buy your own south of France retreat from as little as $81,600.

How to Retire in Paradise on $55 a Day

If you look beyond your own shores you’ll find that many countries around the world offer far greater benefits and advantages for retirees than those offered at home. Indeed, your quality of life in your new home will exceed all of your dreams, the cost of living will be much lower…allowing you to do more of the passion-pursuing and less of the penny-pinching you’re used to.