How to Upgrade Your Life Using the ‘Retire at 45’ Program

Thanks to the QRP, you will be welcomed as a permanent resident with a pathway to citizenship and that all important second passport. And the best part? You only have to be in the country one month out of the year to continue membership, meaning you can come and go as you please. We explain all of the many benefits of the QRP, including bringing in your household goods, vehicles, cars, boats and more duty free—and we explain exactly how to qualify…the steps to take, the documents required, the cost of application, how long it takes…everything is spelled out for you.

Where, Why, and How Much, “Your Guide to Belize’s 5 Top Expat Havens”

In this special report, you’ll learn about the top five destinations in Belize that make the most sense for the would-be expat. Where are they? (Most are on the coast, of course, but not all…) Why should you seek them out right now…and how much will it cost you to live there? There’s a compelling value proposition in Belize right now...and if you think Belize is for you, you ought not let this opportunity pass you by. We tell all in, Where, Why, and How Much, "Your Guide to Belize’s 5 Top Expat Havens"

Bargain Property Finds From $81,600 in the South of France

Many of the desirable “must see” destinations like Nice and Cannes are so choked with tourists, especially during the summer holidays, that it’s a nightmare for the people who live there. Don’t let this put you off. There are still bargains to be had once you know where—and how—to find them. In this report, you’ll read about places where it’s possible to buy your own south of France retreat from as little as $81,600.

How to Retire in Paradise on $55 per Day

If you look beyond your own shores you’ll find that many countries around the world offer far greater benefits and advantages for retirees than those offered at home. Indeed, your quality of life in your new home will exceed all of your dreams, the cost of living will be much lower…allowing you to do more of the passion-pursuing and less of the penny-pinching you’re used to.

20 Beach Towns Where You Can Buy for Less Than $200,000

The best deals and the biggest opportunities in real estate today are not to be found within U.S. borders. Take U.S. coastlines… Sure, America has some gorgeous beaches… and stunning seaside properties. But there's a severely limited supply, especially of Grade A, beachfront real estate… and a burgeoning demand, especially among Baby Boomers. Even if your budget isn't small, you'll have trouble finding a seaside getaway on either U.S. coast that could be called a bargain.

The Hidden Land of Luxury: Where You Can Retire Early and Supercharge Your Lifestyle for Pennies on the Dollar

These days, you don’t have to be wealthy to create a life rich with travel, world-class food, and exotic cultures. You just need to know where to go… Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, and Vietnam are so much more than exotic vacation spots. In this report, we’ll detail the nuts-and-bolts that are essential to know, so that you can start your new life of luxury with a minimum of fuss.