7 Great European Towns You’ve Never Heard Of… Where You Can Live Better For Less…

What if instead of paying $543 per person for your monthly health-insurance premium, it could be $160? What if you could trade in that $520-a-month golf club membership for $229 country-club dues? What if instead of paying a housekeeper $260 to clean for half a day every-other week…you could have somebody reliable and friendly tidy up once a week for just $100 a month, total?

Escape to Europe: How to Beat the Tourist-Visa Rules and Stay as Long as You Want

Europe can be a lot more affordable and accessible than you probably realize. You've got more good-value options in Europe than you think. And it's possible to live there quite comfortably from $2,000 a month. But there is the sticky issue of how to stay past the 90 days a tourist visa allows if you want to extend your visit to four, six, nine months or longer. Fortunately, we've got you covered in Escape to Europe: How to Beat the Tourist-Visa Rules and Stay as Long as You Want

Secrets of a Part-Time Expat: How and Where to Take Your Own 3-Month Escape

Not so long ago, only sailors, soldiers and the super wealthy got to see the world. But today, travel is easier than ever before. And living internationally is more affordable than at any time in history. In fact, apply the tricks, tips and advice we reveal in this unique resource, and you can easily spend three months of your year overseas, for far less than the cost of staying put at home.

The Savvy Retiree – September 2019

In your September cover story, discover how you can earn while you sleep with a passive income. We share our seven favorite strategies for creating a life-long income stream that require little to no ongoing input. From e-books and dividends to stock photography and print-on-demand… Also in this issue, discover how to save 80% on your dental care…while taking a vacation. And read our take on travel insurance, camper vans, and more. It’s all inside this issue…

Your Little Black Book: Every Contact, Business, and Organization You Need to Know to Start Living the Good Life in Malaysia

I can't even begin to explain just how much of an incredible time-saver this one resource alone can be for you. Why is this so valuable? Because you won't have to spend countless hours searching the web for real estate agents...lawyers...hospitals...dentists...or clubs and associations... Chances are, you'll refer to this resource often as you start YOUR new life in Malaysia.