October 2017

When I first moved to Cotacachi, one of the biggest challenges was finding the best places to get my various needs met. There is no shopping mall here, no Wal-Mart, no mega-grocery store, and no fast food restaurants. However, I can find everything I need—and nearly everything I want—locally.

September 2017

Most of us are used to the idea of flying out on a vacation, and picking up a rental car when you arrive at the airport. When you are considering a move to Ecuador, it may seem like an easy decision to rent a car here as well, so that you can roam the countryside, looking for the perfect spot for your new life as an expat.

August 2017

In my adult life, I've been what you might call a serial relocator. Four years seems to be the average amount of time I could stay in one spot before feeling the urge to move on. While I've never lived in a place that I would call unfriendly, I did find that making friends could be difficult, especially if you're a semi-introvert like me.

July 2017

We talk often of the benefits of living in Ecuador...discounted transportation, utilities, and sales tax for those over age 65...reduced cost of living...comfortable moderate climate...breathtaking scenery...friendly people...and so much more. But I recently took advantage of another great benefit of living in Ecuador: travel to the Galapagos Islands.

June 2017

May 24 of this year was a big day for Ecuador. It was the day the country's new president, Lenin Moreno, was sworn into office. This was a monumental occasion for two reasons: First, the country has been under the leadership of Rafael Correa for the last 10 years, so the entry of a new person into office is a big change.

April 2017

More than five years ago, my husband David and I sold our car in the U.S.—a trusty Honda CRV. While we loved it and were sad to see it go, we were thrilled at the prospect of a life in Ecuador with ample public transportation and no need to invest money in our own set of wheels.