Five Spots Where You Can Find Premium Views for Less than $150,000

A great view usually translates into a premium price tag. But you can afford a home with stunning vistas if know the right place to look. For example, I know of one Pacific coast town where a beachfront condo with Californian-style ocean views and a similar lifestyle will only set you back $119,000. You’d need at least three times that to get close to the beach in California.

Revealed: 3 Best Buys in Costa Rica

The 2 million tourists who come to Costa Rica each year probably think they know this country pretty well. They relax on pretty beaches, zip-line across the tree canopy, surf the wave of the mighty Pacific and trek through misty cloud forests. But most tourists tend to stick to well-known beach towns and the Central Valley. That’s not where you’ll find the best property values right now.

Uncovering the Hottest Real Estate Opportunities in Costa Rica

A location can tick all the right boxes and have everything you’re looking for on paper – but when you get there, it’s just not right for you. Plus, with lax advertising regulations overseas you need to make sure you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to property. Find out how you can do that the easy way on a Pathfinder chill weekend or tour in this presentation.