Long Life and Low Costs in Vilcabamba

In Vilcabamba, Ecuador, you feel like you could live forever. It’s no wonder that this boasts of being the "Valley of Longevity," where long, healthy lives are common and many of the locals claim to be centenarians—living well into their 100s. Perhaps it’s the climate. Just shy of the equator in southern Ecuador and at an elevation of 5,000 feet, temperatures in Vilcabamba average between 65 F and 81 F.

The Six-Month Countdown: The Final Stretch Before Our Own Move Abroad

International Living’s longtime editors explain how and why they made the decision to uproot their comfortable lives and embrace a world of adventure and uncertainty as expats. What went through their minds and how did they prepare for the big move? Listen in to find out more... (This presentation has no accompanying PowerPoint slideshow.)