Stretch Your Creative Muscles in Europe With an “Artist Visa”

If you’re a freelancer who has been thinking about moving to Europe, Germany’s freelancer visa (Freiberufliche Tätigkeit) could be a good option for you. It is available for people who can easily prove that their profession can be done on a freelance basis. The visa is often referred to as “the artist visa” since usually people in a creative field, such as musicians, writers, filmmakers, painters, or graphic designers, will qualify. Most countries in Europe require you to have a job lined up to get a work permit, so Germany is a bit unusual in this way.

Lifestyle Dividends of a Food-Truck Enterprise in the Black Forest

A mid all the traditional German sausage stands in a small food market on the edge of the Black Forest, American Geoff de Forest, 43, decided to open a taco truck. He believed there was a need for really good Mexican food in his locale…and he was right. The business is now making good money. Last year he started the Holy Taco Shack, a food truck that sells tacos, quesadillas, and burritos at markets and special events in the Freiburg area, which is in the extreme southwest of the country near the border with France and Switzerland.