The Other Rio: Cabo Frio, Petrópolis, and Paraty

“Rio de Janeiro.” The name alone conjures up images of broad beaches populated by impossibly beautiful people. But while everyone has heard of Rio, far fewer know that “The Marvelous City” lies in the state of the same name. Rio de Janeiro state, though small in size, is geographically quite diverse. In this issue of the Lifetime Society Communiqué, we'll introduce you to three of the best retirement towns in that beautiful state.

Belize: Haven for Privacy and Profits

Let’s face it: the good old days, when you relaxed in your local travel agency reading a magazine while your agent scoured his or her resources for the best deals available, are all but gone. For the most part, today’s travelers are left to their own devices, and the number of online resources at your disposal can be overwhelming.The Internet is a great source of information, but unless you have a way to systematically work through the vast hinterland of travel sites, you could spend many long hours searching and still not find the best deal.

A Guide to Living on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

Big things are on the horizon for Nicaragua. Set in between Costa Rica and Panama, it’s playing catch-up with those countries as far as a destination for retirees and other expats. But it’s got plenty of its own attractions to offer—and at a lower cost. The country is developing rapidly, and the mood is one of possibility and change. People are hardworking and there is a tremendous sense of opportunity.They’re friendly and welcoming of newcomers. And statistically it’s one of the safest countries in Latin America—I felt extremely safe when I visited.

Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century City-Dream it, Find it, Live it 2013

Panama City is a bustling, vibrant, and exciting metropolis. If you’re looking for inexpensive cosmopolitan living—but with the conveniences you’d expect in New York, Chicago, Miami, or any other major First-World city—you need to take a serious look at Panama City. In this special report We’ll tell you all about lifestyle alternatives and real estate prices, and give you our insider tips on saving time and money in Panama City.

7 Great Retirement Towns You’ve Never Even Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less

In 7 Great Retirement Towns You’ve Never Heard of Where You Can Live Better for Less we’ll pull back the curtain and introduce you to communities where you can embrace the retirement of your dreams… and do it for less than it would cost you to stay home. In the overseas destinations we’ll tell you about in 7 Great Retirement Towns You’ve Never Heard of… Where You Can Live Better for Less – scattered from Latin America to Europe to Asia – you can make your dream retirement real.

The Nuts and Bolts of Moving to Costa Rica

People choose to move to Costa Rica for a variety of reasons: a low cost of living, affordable and modern health care, a tropical climate, bargain real estate, a pristine natural setting...the list goes on. But what happens when you make that decision to move? What’s the next step? And how do you live day-to-day once you get here? In our cover story, IL’s Costa Rica correspondent, Jason Holland, share some tips for navigating essential activities when you move to Costa Rica—like securing legal residency, banking, getting around, making new friends, and more.