Create Your Own Happy, Healthy Work Environment

If you visit Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s masterpiece of a home, you will most likely come away with a favorite memory. While the gardens are spectacular and the house filled with clever inventions, my favorite is Jefferson’s office, which adjoins his bedroom. He could roll out of bed and get to work at his desk. Of course, in Jefferson’s time, home-based businesses were more common than long commutes. But still, he must have created the shortest commute ever. During the decades following World War II, home offices all but disappeared as people went off to work in someone else’s office.

Fuel Your Momentum With Passion

Few places are more excitingly diverse than the classroom of an international school, and this is where many expats choose to earn their living while exploring the world. There are now thousands of such schools offering opportunities to live and work for an academic year—or longer—overseas. Your position will typically include a housing allowance… travel back to your home country at least every other year… bonuses…work visas…sometimes health care…a nine-month work schedule…free education for your children…and other perks.

Tap into Your Skills to Create Extra Income

When we took our lunch break during a seminar I was teaching recently, our group walked a few blocks to the student union. Nicole Relyea, the youngest member of our group, turned around to face me, but kept walking—backwards. “I’m thinking about being a tour guide,” she said. “I gave campus tours when I was in college and I enjoyed it. I can walk backwards for two hours.”

How to Define and Measure Success

For some time now, I’ve silently wondered if I am the only one who winces at the frequent admonishment to “go big or go home.” Why, I muse, would folks smart enough to abandon a large working environment want to replicate that? Why is millionaire status still flaunted as the pinnacle of success? Or home ownership the epitome of the American Dream? It all seems so…well…20th century.