Less Stress, More Freedom: A Start-Up Goes on the Road

Mat Lewis treasures the freedom to work whenever he wants, free from the drudgery of waking up to an alarm clock each morning. It was in 2013 that Mat set up an online business for booking luxury home vacation rentals with his partner, Stoewie van den Bulk, and discovered two things. One was that they could take the business on the road in Southeast Asia; the other was that it actually made financial sense to do so. “Traveling in Southeast Asia has really taken the pressure off by reducing our personal expenditure,” Mat says. Low costs have meant the pair can live “an amazing life at a cost that’s kind to the wallet,” yet keep investing in their business.

Life’s Little Journeys: Get Paid to Explore Europe in Style

Tom Vercillo is paid to know the best places to wine, dine, and sightsee in the beautiful cities lining the Mediterranean…from Turkey to Italy and beyond. Regularly sampling the region’s finest offerings is just one of many perks in a career that sees him cruising around the Med’s warm waters seven months a year, stopping at exotic new locations almost every day.