Speak English? It could pay your way overseas

“I’ll need to work to support my new life. What kind of job can I get?” This is a typical question from the would-be expat. The answer is that it’s usually difficult to get a job in a foreign country unless you meet a host of requirements. And if you don’t speak the language of your new country, things can be even tougher. There is one way, though, to ease into a new culture and make a bit of money at the same time. You may be able to get a job teaching English.

Off the radar for Americans: Beachfront lots for $17,500 on Brazil’s Northeast coast

Hundreds of miles of dazzling, white-sand beaches surround Fortaleza, on Brazil’s Northeast coast. Its clear, tropical ocean waters maintain a year-round temperature of 80˚ F. The capital of the state of Ceará, this city of more than two million people boasts its own beautiful in-city beaches, sizzling nightlife, and great restaurants. It is a hub of activity and a great amenity if you choose to live in the more peaceful fishing villages outside of the city.