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Some Help From Our Attorney…

We have asked legal expert, Rainelda Mata-Kelly, to explain her area of expertise and provide her contact details should you wish to get more information from her before you come to Panama. She will tell you all the services she provides and how she can help you start your new life in Panama.
This will ensure that you are ready to do business once you arrive in Panama.

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Panama’s Five Best Budget-Stretching Destinations: Where to Look Now

When you attend our Fast-Track Panama Conference, you’ll hear all the reasons why Panama should be at the top of your retirement destinations list.
But to give you a head start, we’ve created this special report. In it, we’ll take a look at some of the places in Panama where you’ll find the best-value real estate. We’ll also give you real and current examples of property in different parts of the country and you’ll hear from expats who have already made the move to Panama and are loving their life there. An affordable cost of living…the world’s best retirement incentive program…an excellent healthcare system…Panama’s attributes seem endless. With active expat communities, constant growth in the arts and other cultural ambits, and a world-class food scene, there’s never been a better time to explore life in Panama.

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The Ultimate Checklist For Your Move To Panama

There are plenty of great reasons to move to Panama. But when you plan your move, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons—your reasons. Understanding why you want to move to Panama can help you ensure you really are prepared.
One tip we hope you’ll follow: If you are moving to Panama with a spouse, a parent, a
child, or any significant other, work through this checklist and try to make your decisions together. That way, you’ll all be able to get the most out of the experience.

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The World’s Top Havens Panama

No matter your taste in lifestyle, Panama has something to suit you. You could choose to live in a quiet mountain town or by a tropical beach graced with swaying palms. You could take in a play, see an opera, or sample the
finest cuisines in a First-World, culture-rich capital city…or tend your own
organic farm in the countryside. The best part is—no matter where you choose to live in Panama—a change of scenery is always on your doorstep. About the size of South Carolina, Panama packs a surprisingly large variety of landscapes into one tiny
country. Live in the bustling capital and weekend at the beach…or buy a
country home just an hour or two from city nightlife and amenities.

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