Where to Start a Business Abroad: Our 7 Top Picks for the Year Ahead

It might be a palapa bar on a white-sand beach, deep-sea fishing tours, a restaurant, a surf shop, importing t-bone steaks, teaching English, making cheese, exporting art work…Whatever your idea, there’s a place overseas where you can make it a profitable reality. But readers ask us all the time: Where is best? That’s why we’ve put together International Living’s first-ever Business Index.

Secrets of Ireland’s South Coast

The hills are gentle, rolling, and impossibly green. In the fields, cows graze fetlock-deep in the lush grass, while clouds scud across the blue sky overhead. Leaving the modern motorway, you immediately plunge into a world of narrow, hedge-lined country lanes, primrose-colored houses, and gray stone manors. Now and again a curve in the road opens up vistas of blue sea. Down the road, round the bend and over the hillocks, lies sandy beach or rocky shore…

South through Australia by Train

s lunchtime in the timber-paneled “Queen Adelaide” dining car with its white linens and stamped-tin ceiling. Past the Jacquard curtains, red-earthed vistas roll by outside as we move rhythmically through the Australian outback. Though named for the tough Afghan cameleers who first exploited this route 150 years ago, our train, the “Ghan,” requires no roughing it. It provides, instead, a luxurious throwback to Old-World travel.

Forget the Galápagos—Visit Isla de la Plata

The 21 islands of the Galápagos archipelago, off the coast of Ecuador, make up one of the world’s most famous wildlife wonderlands. There’s almost nowhere else with such an impressive blend of flora and fauna. But that biodiversity comes at a price. Just entering the park will set you back $100. And from mainland Ecuador, round-trip flights cost $300 to $400, depending on the point of departure and time of year. Then there’s accommodation, food, tours… it’s not a trip for the budget conscious. But, as I said, there’s almost nowhere else like it....

Fish Tacos and Cocktails Surf-Side: Creating a Caribbean “Restaurant Dream”

While still in Canada, Daphne visualized her new life. She knew what it would look like when she found it. Taking vacations throughout Latin America, she evaluated each country as a possible location. Some were already too developed, others too remote with limited business opportunities, still others lacked the pristine beauty and relaxed quality of life she sought. Nothing seemed quite right. Then she found the island of Roatán, Honduras.