Salto de Chilascó – Central America’s Highest Waterfall

In an ankle-length skirt and dance pumps, our 12-year-old guide, Verónica, leads us daintily along a muddy path between steep fields of broccoli and maize. Climbing uphill away from the hand-tilled patches of land, we are engulfed by the luxuriant trees of the forest. Vivid orchids, giant bromeliads, and ferns thrive here in the heavy moisture.

Get in Now for Big Yields in Medellín, Colombia

In Medellín, Colombia, a cool mist rises from the streams that bubble down the mountainside and wend through oases of bamboo and broad-leafed trees. At 5,000 feet, the weather is perfect. A typical day—year round—is sunny and in the mid-70s F. You won’t need air conditioning—nor even screens for your windows—as bugs are almost nonexistent. The physical beauty, perfect weather, and First-Worldliness of this city are big draws. But I’m not here on vacation….

Take a Yacht and Sail into Retirement on the Mediterranean

The only sounds are waves lapping against the hull and the occasional fl ap of a sail as it captures the gentle breeze. Gliding through the turquoise waters of the Aegean aboard our yacht Destiny, we’re leaving the Greek island of Milos and heading west into the southern Ionian Sea. Our next destination is Elafonisos, one of the largest inhabited islands in the Peloponnese, known for its sandy beaches.