Bordeaux Wine Marathon, Elves in Ecuador, and More

"Since moving to Paris, I haven't been able to participate in my annual ritual of cheering friends in the New York Marathon from the sidelines. But after learning that a friend runs a rather, um, special marathon in Médoc, a wine region just outside Bordeaux, I'm seriously considering starting a new tradition," writes IL France Correspondent Barbara Diggs.

A Serene Retreat in the Chiriquí Highlands from $140,000

With a spring-like climate all year round, tree-covered mountains sloping to the warm waters of the Pacific, and a great sense of community, Panama's Chiriquí­ region, and particularly the town of Boquete, has attracted savvy expats for decades. Constant sunshine, small-town values, and a relaxed, tropical lifestyle tick all the boxes for a dream retirement destination.

Finding More Than Just a Second Home in Panama

"Every morning in Panama we wake up and say, 'It's another beautiful day,'and it has never stopped. We love it here," says Donna James of her and husband Ron's six-month stays in Panama. "We go for a lot of walks and love morning coffee on the side patio, and evening drinks watching the sunset. Our area is full of birds, so the bird-watching is wonderful,