Take the First Step to Your Dream Retirement in Costa Rica

It’s no wonder Costa Ricans are often called the “happiest people on the planet.” Costa Rica may truly have it all: a year-round tropical climate, modern cities, Caribbean beaches, Pacific coastline, rain forests, lush valleys, and cool mountains. With its slower pace of living, focus on renewable energy, and abundance of healthy, fresh foods grown in the country, it’s earned a reputation as one of the “greenest and cleanest” countries in the world with little pollution, lots of clean water, and fresh air.

From the temperate Central Valley to the postcard-pretty tropical beaches of the Caribbean coast, there’s a climate for everyone. But it also ticks all the boxes in practical matters. The World Health Organization praises Costa Rica for its healthcare system and has ranked it higher than that of the U.S., despite Costa Rica spending 87% less on healthcare per capita.

Costa Rica is home to one of the most stable democracies in Latin America. And you’ll find all the comforts of home, including modern shopping malls and reliable high-speed internet, just about everywhere. Plus, it’s conveniently close, with many direct flights to international airports in the U.S. and Canada—it’s less than three hours flight time from Miami.

You’ll pay zero income taxes on foreign-earned income. If you buy a home in Costa Rica, your annual property taxes will be little more than $200 to $500, in most cases. And there’s no capital gains tax whatsoever. To discover the real Costa Rica—including the advantages and drawbacks—join us in June at our Fast Track Costa Rica: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference 2019. You’ll get the whole picture, from folks based there. Taxes, insurance, and visas are not the fun part of being an expat. But you need to know this part of the story before you take your next step in Costa Rica.

Our trusted professionals will deliver the information you need. People like our Central Valley Correspondent John Michael Arthur, our Roving Latin America Editor Jason Holland, our Coastal Costa Rica Correspondent Kathleen Evans, and more…

You’ll learn all about the latest hot spots on the Costa Rica real estate scene—and not just from some agent’s listing.

Know what documents you need to qualify for residence and Costa Rica’s healthcare system… and where to bank, the best place to buy insurance, buy a car, and more.

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We’ve also invited expats who have bought second homes, retired, or started a business in Costa Rica. Men and women who, just a short time ago, were in the same position that you are today. You’ll hear from expats who have done it themselves… and done it well.

It’s time to stop dreaming, and start taking practical steps towards your dream retirement in Costa Rica. Join us in San José, and get started on the retirement you always hoped for. See: IntLiving/Events.