Art and Poetry in Northern Nicaragua

Central America’s best contemporary art collection is housed in a lavish colonial mansion in a secret city. Actually, as you’re an IL reader, León may not be a total secret to you. But the biggest city in northern Nicaragua is unknown to most folks.

That will change. It is changing right now. On my recent scouting trip, I saw small groups of tourists wandering around the central park and taking shade in the cool of Central America’s largest cathedral. León is famed for its poets, is full of gorgeous colonial buildings and time-worn churches, and it’s the cheapest place I’ve been in Latin America.

Nicaragua is exciting, on the cusp of major change. To the trained eye the signs are everywhere. For example, I witnessed the first crane and concrete pouring truck to arrive in León. The middle class is growing, more banks are opening, and they are just beginning to offer financing to people here…León is one of the spots perfect for  an entrepreneur…short-term rentals…a boutique hotel…a restaurant…a marketing company…If you have imagination and some capital, you have your pick of opportunities.

Right now, Eoin is preparing his full report on northern Nicaragua for an upcoming issue.