A Healthier, Happier Life in Ecuador

“Our new lives in Ecuador are better than we ever thought possible. We fall asleep to the lull of the waves and awake to a view of the sun reflecting off the blue Pacific…

“Because it costs so little to live here, we’re actually saving more than we spend… And best of all, we’re healthier than ever.”

Stories like these aren’t unusual in Ecuador. Over and over again, we hear from International Living readers who are living in Ecuador…on the coast, or in pretty colonial cities and villages in the temperate Andes Mountains…and they’re loving life and spending less money at the same time.

Best of all, as IL Coastal Ecuador Correspondent Jim Santos reports, when you move to Ecuador you may find that you’ll not only be happier than ever, but healthier, as well.

“I have Type II diabetes,” he says. “And before I moved to Ecuador, my A1C number that reflects blood sugar levels was well above the normal range. After we settled into our lives in Ecuador, we found ourselves taking long walks on the beach and to the mercado for our fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, eggs, and seafood. The stress melted away. And when we returned to the States a few months later for a family visit, I stopped in to see my doctor.

“She ran some tests and then asked, ‘What changes did we make in your medication since your last visit?’ I told her we didn’t change anything; I just moved to Ecuador. But I’ve now lost over 50 pounds, my blood pressure reading is normal, and my A1C blood sugar reading is well within the normal range, so I was able to stop taking one of my diabetes medications.”

As Jim will tell you, Ecuador has rolled out the welcome mat to foreign retirees—as well as to those not yet ready to retire who come seeking opportunity. The slower pace of life and the real sense of community are attractive to everyone.

And it’s not just Salinas and the rest of the enchanting Pacific Coast that’s attracting foreigners. Places like the bustling capital city of Quito…charming, rural Vilcabamba and Cotacachi, and other safe, small towns…and the country’s most popular expat destination, Cuenca, are also attracting interest.

If you’re concerned about your financial future or your health…wondering whether you’ll be able to have the kind of retirement lifestyle you dream about…wondering if you’ll be able to afford to retire at all…you should consider joining us for the Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference in Quito this June. You’ll learn all about the benefits, cost savings, opportunities, advantages—and, yes, challenges—this country has to offer.

Our expat experts (including Jim Santos) will be there to answer all of your questions. Between them, they’ll give you an in-depth look at Ecuador, and an experience that may change your life forever.