Beyond Bocas Town in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Over a hundred islands—many of them tiny islets—form the Bocas del Toro archipelago in Caribbean Panama. The crystalline waters rival those of the Bahamas, with hues ranging from baby blue to bright turquoise to a sheer turtle green.

I’ve just disembarked a tiny plane on Isla Colón. A dearth of property to rent (and titled property to buy) has hampered this region’s appeal in the past.

But with inexpensive new rentals coming online, this is a great time to sample island living at its best…in Bocas.

It can be difficult for first-time visitors to find out about good, long-term rentals. But I’ve got some tips on the “jungle side” of the island, where there’s room to grow, and a small com-munity of expats is doing just that. Look for my full articles in future issues. I’ve already seen a hint of what’s available and the single word that comes to mind is “affordable.” I saw rentals for $450 to $1,100…if you want to live cheap on Bocas, you can do it easily.