Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference 2019

No matter what your budget, in the best- value destinations around the world, your dollars really stretch. And that means you have great options for improving your lifestyle while shoring up your retirement…

In the right places, you really can “trade up” in retirement. Take Jack and Nancy, real estate agents from Atlanta who, in their early 60s, retired overseas. “Our quality of life has greatly exceeded our expectations,” they report.

“We live in an upscale gated community and have a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a separate maid’s quarters. We’re close to restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, and malls. The weather is beautiful and the people here are warm and welcoming. We have made many good friends, both locals, and expats, and our social calendar is always full.

“We have a full-time maid who does all our chores and a gardener who cares for the yard. We spend our days going to the gym, taking Spanish classes, horseback riding, hiking nearby volcanoes, going to the beach, and exploring the country.

“And we do all this for less than half the cost of a moderate lifestyle in Atlanta.” There’s a destination out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of matching up your priorities with the places that make the most sense right now. And right now is one of the best times in history to live better for less overseas. Infrastructure is stronger today than it ever has been—which means it’s easier, faster, and safer to get around. Technology makes it simpler than ever to get what you need and to stay in touch from far-flung corners of the planet.

This spring, at our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference, we’d like to share with you in person our best, most current finds around the world.

If you want to save money while you live a more relaxed, fun, fulfilling lifestyle, but you aren’t sure where you should go or how to get yourself there and settled in, we’re here to help. We’ll be focused on the most important things you need to know to get from where you are now to that place overseas that’s an ideal match for you.

We’ll introduce you to all kinds of beautiful places where you can live a caviar lifestyle on a hot dog budget. We’ll dive in well beyond the “country” level to hand you recommendations on the communities we like best for retirement all across Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. So you can put a concrete plan in place that will let you follow in the footsteps of folks like Jack and Nancy.

We’ll help you figure out exactly what you’re really looking for overseas, so you can pinpoint on a map the place where you’ll find it. Then we’ll guide you—step by step—to draw some lines from that place you see in your mind’s eye…to a real-world destination that meets your criteria.

Whether you’re in the market for a full-time escape…a retirement haven for the future…or simply a prudent place to invest…we’ll show you the best-value destinations in the world today.